The estancia

The first gate in La Horqueta was placed over an old dirt road in 1900. This gate is on the way to Gándara, a town that is well known by the locals for its traditional Caramel (or “Dulce de Leche”) factory.

The Estancia was acquired in the early 1900’s by Felix Pierri, a pioneer of the Chascomús area. One of his sons; Dr. Fermín Epifanio Pierri, decided in 1928 to build a Tudor style chalet. It bordered the Vitel Lagoon, and extended itself over 200 hectares of plain fields.

He had previously constructed a shed with the objective of keeping working tools, agricultural machinery, and cereal bags. After some time he built several rooms for his sons, who dedicated their time to nautical activities. His sons were the ones that promoted motor boat races and regattas at the Chascomus Lake.

The story we are told is that his grandson, Dr. Enrique A. Pierri and his wife Patricia were the ones that opened the gate to tourists during the mid 1990’s.  He was named “Don Fermín” by the locals, and with the help of farmhands he planted the first trees that bordered the lagoon, creating a natural barrier to the strong southeast winds that ran through the fields.

Since then, this “Estancia” has been the number one choice of long summers and weekends for the Pierri family and their friends. During 1994, Enrique decided to open the Estancia to tourists. The primitive ranch was recycled into a beautiful Tudor style chalet, and the old shed was transformed into a solid and cozy “quincho”. A large fireplace, satellite TV, audio equipment and rustic furniture completed this transformation. The rooms now have firm roofs and red colored lapacho beams; they include comfortable bathrooms and sum up to 9 guest rooms total between both houses.

The beautification of the park was a necessary step in this journey; it included the existing stonemasons but most importantly for its owner, the plantation of large amounts of trees with varied autumn colors.

With the advice of two landscape architects the improvement of this ranch has been unobjectable. 600 new native and exotic species were brought in. The Estancia was filled with oaks, ash trees, jacarandas, Constantinoplan acacias, sunbursts, chestnuts, marsh oaks, cypresses and cedars amongst others. Enrique wrote a book on the existing species of the Estancia, and invites anyone who is interested and passionate about trees to take a walk through these ecological fields.

The Vitel Lagoon is 1200 hectares long, and bathes the property in all of its extension. A small canal provides canoes and small boats to reach the open waters; and allows fishing as one of the preferred activities.

Hunting is forbidden in this area, the only “shots” that are allowed are the ones of a digital camera, which can point to black necked swans, flamencos, storks, and a great variety of herons and ducks in all of their lineages.