The Chalet is located on the border of the Vitel Lagoon; this lake extends itself over 1400 hectares. On its border, our guests can have the opportunity to take a paddle boat, a Canadian canoe, kayak, sail boat, windsurf or kite surf and tour this breathtaking lagoon.

Black necked swans, green-winged teals, mallards, wood ducks, black-belled wisting ducks, albatross, cormorants, flamingos and herons are just a few of the exotic species you can take a glimpse at.

Horse back riding is one of the top choices for our guests, who can explore the pampean plains and cross the corn, sunflower and soy fields and see Aberdeen Angus cattle’s, hares, mules or foxes along the way.

Plant and tree lovers will have the opportunity to sightsee “La Horqueta’s” park with Enrique Pierri.  He has written a book about the existing types of trees in the area.  Our guests will learn about American oaks, marshes, liquidambars, bald cypresses, ash trees, canarian palm trees, paradises, constantinoplan acacias and cedars, amongst other species.

Bycicles are another option to explore the park. Also there is a vertical climber, swings, fixed bars, slides, large rings, firemen tubes and a small house complete this wonderful set of outdoor activities just for kids.

Long swims in the pool, restful afternoons on the pool chairs and appetizers served on the spot, can be enjoyed after the first days of October.

Sports fans will find a small soccer field, ping pong table, volleyball net and croquet equipment to enjoy with family and friends.

Nightly bonfires are one of our main attractions for all ages.  It is a time for story telling and sharing anecdotes. 

Poker, scrabble, chess and card games are just a few of the games that our guests can play while tasting fine wines and exquisite home made dishes.